"Impressionisms Routes" in Europe

The project "Impressionisms Routes" in Europe aims at creating and fostering, within the continent, a link between the sites that have inspired the European impressionist and plein air painters from the mid-19th century until the mid-20th century, the places where they lived, the places where they established artists’ colonies and the towns which today display their works inside their museums or their cultural venues. This collection of sites makes up a true "open-air museum" of the depicted landscapes, and enables the direct connection of the visitors with the Impressionist movement.

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Impressionisms routes

These routes constitute networks aimed at highlighting the heritage of the different European countries by insisting on the values defended by the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural diversity and identity, exchanges and mutual enrichment, promotion of a better knowledge of the continent’s heritage.



The "Art et Lumière, Paysages, Loisirs et Impressionnisme en Val de Seine" ("Art and Light, Landscapes, Leisure and Impressionism in Val de Seine") exhibition has been proposed by the Eau & Lumière Association since 2012.

Striving for excellence, it consists of reproductions of impressionist paintings on canvas, retracing the Impressionist adventure along the Seine valley and the Normandy coasts.



The parnership agreement concluded in 2012 with the publisher "Les Itinéraires. Tourisme et Découvertes" has enabled to enrich significantly the offer of books devoted to Impressionism history, in France and in Europe.



Alone, or more often in partnership with other associations or local authorities, Eau et Lumière organizes or takes part in many activities highlighting the impressionist heritage: exhibitions, vernissages, conferences, celebrations around water pleasures…



Founded in 2009, the Eau et Lumière Association  retains its two objectives:

- Obtain the inscription of Impressionism on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List,

- Create the Impressionisms Routes in Europe as Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.



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