Eau et Lumière

The Eau et Lumière Association was settled in 2009, mainly for the purpose of obtaining recognition for the heritage and touristic value of the places depicted by the 19th and 20th centuries landscape painters, and particularly by the Impressionists.

To achieve this goal, the Association strives to:

-       value these landscapes and the social activities taking place there: art schools, discovery tours, celebrations, regattas and all the practices from local traditions,

-       federate the places depicted in Europe by the "plein air" painters as well as the local authorities which accommodate them,

-       promote, in conjunction with local authorities, an "innovative and responsible tourism",


-       give rise to public or private, French or European, initiatives, among youth and the general public, fostering the knowledge of this unique worldwide heritage.


Our goal


  1. Obtain the inscription on the UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage List of Impressionism or of the sites depicted by the plein air painters in France and in other European countries,
  2. In parallel  and in support of this goal, obtain the certification of "Impressionisms Routes©" as Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.

Today, the Association is focusing most of its efforts on the creation of the European Cultural Route "Impressionisms Routes©". The label application has been filed in September 2015 with the Institute of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Luxemburg.


The project is built around the creation of 12 routes dedicated to 12 French or foreign iconic painters; the delegates of five European countries joined the project: Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Slovenia, Italy… The European Association euroArt, which gathers more than 50 artists’ colonies in 19 European countries is our partner.


The federating network under construction intends to promote a global touristic offer at European level, communication means,  a labelled brand with a European logotype, an easy access of the youth to the continent’s culture and memory, enriching exchanges, a new touristic momentum based on modern and efficient techniques…    

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