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Official certification ceremony as  «CULTURAL ROUTE OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE »

GÖRLITZ (Germany) - Septembre 25th, 2018

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Edition of a new leaflet "IMPRESSIONISMS ROUTES " after the Certification as a cultural route of the Council of Europe

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Impressionisms Routes© certified as new Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

24 mai 2018

The Steering Committee of the Enlarged Partial Agreement of the Council of Europe, meeting on 19 April 2018 in Luxembourg, decided to certify Impressionisms Routes (The Routes of Impressionisms in Europe) as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.


The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe are an invitation to travel and discover the rich and diverse heritage of the continent, promoting the rapprochement of people in places of history and heritage. They carry the values of the Council of Europe : human rights, cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and cross-border exchanges.


More than 30 cultural itineraries today offer a multitude of cultural and educational activities since the creation of the first and most famous of them : The Way of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

This European recognition rewards more years of work carried out within the framework of the Association EAU & LUMIERE.


The Impressionisms Routes network now operational in several European countries in constant widening. 

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2019: Centenary of the death of Pierre-Auguste Renoir ...

The year Renoir 2019 will be one of the flagship events of the network; it will be promoted at European level by the influence of the Council of Europe.

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"From the Seine to Marseille l'Estaque, from Impressionism to Modern Art" Exhibition

Marseille, 5th to 16th September, 2018

Renaissance and enhancement of the Marseille l'Estaque site.

The famous L'Estaque site located north of the city of Marseille is, as everyone knows, a real "crossroads" of Impressionism and Modern Art ... It inspired the works of Paul Cézanne, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Georges Braque, André Derain and the creators of Fauvism and Cubism ...

In partnership with the "Impressionisms Routes ©" project, the local cultural associations and the city council of the 15th and 16th arrondissements of Marseille have decided to work on the development of this site known and appreciated by the whole world.

The exhibition: "From the Seine to Marseille l'Estaque, from Impressionism to Modern Art" is planned to be presented at the Visual Arts Center of L'Estaque from 5 to 18 September 2018.

This is a first realization demonstrating the willingness of local officials to fully integrate the project "Impressionisms Routes ©"


14th Festival - Musique Cordiale

Var (France) from 28th July to 11th August 2018

The Festival "MUSIQUE CORDIALE" is the more important event during summer 2018 in the Mediterranean Region...


Impressionisms Routes, New Cultural Itinerary of the Council of Europe, is a partner of this Festival as last year .


Lecture « Far away from capitals - Artists’ colonies as bridgebuilder for a new togetherness in Europe ? » by euroArt

April 12th, 2018, Kazimierz Dolny (Poland)

At a time when anti-EU feelings are increasing, a strong « pro-European awakening » is more thane ver needed. This « awakening » will even be stronger if it comes from the citizens themselves, directly from the regions of Europe.

Impressionisms Routes©, with its members and partners, is a network particularly rooted in rural areas, may have a its role to play in raising this European awareness and in facilitating the dialogue between us.


This initiative, supported by the European Commission, will be hosted by the Museum Nadwiślańskie in Kazimierz Dolny and will count on the presence of an EU representative as well as representatives from euroArt members, Moret-sur-Loing and Cernay-la-Ville (France), Ahrenshoop and Schwaan (Germany) and Kazimierz Dolny.

FINAL Invitation KD Citizens Dialogue 12
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Lecture "Russian Impressionnism in France" by Tatiana Mojenok

Théâtre Le Grenier - Bougival, 26th March 2018

invitation conférence l'Impressionnisme
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The « IMPRESSIONISMS ROUTES Network labelled as « European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018”

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2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage


officially  candidate

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Renoir in Italy

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Lecture "Claude Monet and the light" by Marianne Mathieu  (Marmottan-Monet Museum , Paris)

Théâtre Le Grenier - Bougival, 13th November 2017

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Paris-Montmartre, 8th November 2017

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November 2017

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7th Cultural Routes Advisory Forum 2017

Lucca (Italy) - 27-29th September 2017

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Flash info Seillans Exhibition

August 2017

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Sisley's open air museum

août à octobre 2017, Moret sur Loing

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Art & Lumière Exhibition

July 26 to August 13, 2017

Discovery of Impressionism.

Newsletter No. 10 - July 2017


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Advisory Forum


26-27 October 2016

Sixth Advisory Forum "Expansion of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: challenges and opportunities".


Vilnius, Lithuania

Lecture "Pissarro" by Claire Durand-Ruel

"Le Grenier" Theater - Bougival, 13th March 2017

Camille Pissarro, the impressionist painter who reveals the modernity

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EAU ET LUMIERE Association’s General Meeting

28th September 2016

Bougival Town Hall

Gala evening in the Island of la Jatte

At the Café de la Jatte, 14th March 2016

"L’Ile de la Grande Jatte et le Projet de Route des Impressionnistes en Europe" ("The Island of la Grande Jatte and the Impressionists’ Route in Europe Project")

Art & Lumière Exhibition

15th September 2015

Argenteuil, City Hall Agora.