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El Ferrol, Province de Galice (Espagne) - September 3, 4, 5

The world reference for urban art

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La referencia mundial del arte urbano

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Aix-en-Provence welcomes the Impressionisms Routes Network®, Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

Tourism, Heritage, Books Fair on September 4 and 5, 2021

Aix-en-Provence welcomes the Impressionisms Routes® Network, Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, during the 6th Culture, Tourism, Heritage, Books Fair on September 4 and 5, 2011 Georges Lucenet, Vice-President and General Manager of Impressionisms Routes© will present a Conference on Sunday September 5 on the theme : Impressionism, the Love Story of light and water. An opportunity for the Routes of Impressionisms in Europe to display its ambitions and publicize its activities and those of its members in the city of Paul Cezanne, cultural capital of Provence.

Your invitation
Your invitation

Impressionisms Routes®  will be present at the first Salon « Travels and Cultural Tourism » after Covid  organized in France

Bordeaux, June, 26/27, 2021

The Town of Bordeaux (France) is registered at the World Heritage of UNESCO.

Your Invitation
Your Invitation

Cruise from Bougival to Asnières (France)

Dimanche 6 juin 2021 de 11h30 à 16h

Newletter n° 15 - May 2021

Bilingual Magazine (French / English) 

The publication, under the seal of the Council of Europe, in May 2021, of a bilingual book of 292 pages and more than 250 illustrations: Impressionisms Routes in Europe is one of the themes of this magazine with the project organization in May-June 2022 in the Fontainebleau / Moret-sur-Loing / Barbizon / Grez-sur-Loing area of The Summer Academy of all 40 European Cultural Routes on the theme of Cultural Tourism and of its post-Covid evolution.


Our commitment in the fields of environmental protection and the education of young Europeans is the subject of very interesting interviews with Maguelonne Dejeant-Pons, Executive Secretary of the European Landscape Convention of the Council of Europe and of Claude Vivier Le Got, President of the Education and Culture Committee of the Conference of INGOs of the Council of Europe.


Stefano Dominioni, Director of the European Institute of Cultural Routes (Luxembourg) has also agreed to answer our questions on the role of Impressionisms Routes© in the enhancement of the values of the Council of Europe and the interest it gives to the good organization of the next training academy of May / June 2022 in Fontainebleau.


This magazine is published in partnership with euroart, European Federation of Artists' Colonies (90 member organizations in 14 European countries).

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New edition of the network's flagship book Impressionisms Routes©, Cultural Route of the Council of Europe

May 2021

A bilingual book (French-English), 292 pages. The Impressionist movement analyzed in 36 European countries.

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INFOFLASH N ° 28 mars 2021

James H.Rubin

Pourquoi Monet est important

Signification parmi les nénuphars

“This impressive book is a valuable contribution to the scholarship on Monet and later nineteenth- and early twentieth-century French art and culture more broadly. By the end of it, readers will have a far richer understanding of the manifold ways that Monet’s late work intersects with major artistic, political, and philosophical currents of the period.” Michelle Foa, author of « Georges Seurat: The Art of Vision ». Yale University Press, 2015. 

en savoir +
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Impressionism in Russia

 from August 28, 2021, the Barberini Museum in Potsdam (Germany)

At the start of 2021, the exhibition organized at the Barberini Museum in Potsdam (Germany), entitled Impressionism in Russia, the dawn of the Avant-Garde, fits perfectly into the spirit of the published work by Impressionisms Routes©: Impressionism in Europe.

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Newsletter n° 14 - January 2021

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Ordinary General Assembly

NOVOTEL, Paris Centre Tour Eiffel - November, 7 th, 2019 at 6pm

61 Quai de Grenelle. 75015 Paris


(Metros : Bir-Hakeim ou Charles Michels)


Minutes of the General Assembly 2019
AG 2019 CR E.pdf
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Interactive Tourism Forum

Saint-Tropez, October 15 to 17th, 2019

Impressionisms Routes will be present at the 7th Interactive Tourism Forum to be held in Saint-Tropez from October 15th to 17th, 2019.


This Forum is aimed at tourism professionals at elected officials and at the press.


Saint-Tropez Tourisme joined the Impressionisms Routes Network in 2019, thus reinforcing the establishment of our network in the Mediterranean arc which has many Impressionist sites ...


The presentation, by Georges Lucenet, of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and the Impressionisms Routes on Wednesday, October 16, 2019 in plenary session will be the occasion to officially launch the Route Paul Signac because the painter, arrived in the village in May 1892, greatly contributed to the worldwide reputation of the site ...



The creation of a "Route Signac", launched as part of the Roads of Impressionism in Europe, Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, in conjunction with the cities of Asnieres-sur-Seine and Saint-Tropez will allow without any doubt to highlight the sites frequented and represented by the artist for the benefit of cultural and educational tourism in the spirit of the values of the Council of Europe.

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PARIS CARROUSEL DU LOUVRE , 11/12 Octobre 2019

The Impressionisms Routes in Europe will be present at the « Salon des Grands Voyages » which will take place on 11 and 12 October 2019 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris.

This new Salon is an upscale Salon de Tourisme organized in a prestigious site in the center of the French capital ... It offers a rigorous selection of expert professionals, renowned for the quality of their offer and the quality of their services. This meeting will be a source of inspiration for discerning and demanding travelers looking for exceptional stays.

Impressionisms Routes will share its ambitions and highlight the European Impressionist sites members of its network. In addition, our exhibition « Art et Lumière en Val de Seine » will be presented in the lobby of the Salon and therefore visible to all visitors.


An exceptional visibility for the Impressionisms Routes Network…

Exhibition "Art and Light" in Val de Seine

from September 28th to October 20th, Levallois (France) 

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Exhibition "Art and Light" in Val de Seine

from September 13th to 22th, Croissy sur Seine (France)

Nestled in a loop of the Seine west of Paris, the city of Croissy-sur-Seine is at the heart of the country of the Impressionists ... Wishing  to highlight its history and its heritage, Croissy is a member of  Impressionisms Routes © network since 2018.

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Inauguration of the Exhibition "Art et Lumière en Val de Seine"
September 13 to 22, 2019 Saint Leonard's Chapel. Croissy-sur-Seine (Yvelines, France)
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Newsletter N° 12 - June 2019

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The bridge in Grez-sur-Loing, Carl Larsson
The bridge in Grez-sur-Loing, Carl Larsson

Subscription “The Artists at the Edge of the World Association”

Grez-sur-Loing (France)

The site of Grez-sur-Loing, located near Barbizon south-east of Paris was discovered by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot in the early 1860s. It is the perfect example of the colony of international artists that wish to put value both the Routes of Impressionisms in Europe and our partner euroArt. 

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Exhibition "Impressionism according to Pont Aven"

from June 29th 2019 to January 5th  2020, Pont Aven Museum

This new exhibition designed by the Pont-Aven Museum highlights the Impressionism of Brittany and Pont-Aven in particular, in the artistic explorations of Paul Gauguin and the painters who accompanied him in this adventure. It introduces Impressionist works by Paul Gauguin and Camille Pissarro to mark their relationship of descent.

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Exhibition "Art and Light" in Val de Seine


May 31 to June 28Argenteuil

High place of Impressionism, the city of Argenteuil intends to highlight the presence of Claude Monet who lived here from 1872 to 1878, at the height of his talent. His white house with green shutters still exists... A replica of his boat-workshop, made famous by Edouard Manet, is in possession of the city to remind that the master of the impressionism then moved frequently on the Seine between Argenteuil and Carrières-sur-Seine... Alfred Sisley, Caillebotte and others well known liked to represent Argenteuil and its surroundings.

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The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe awarded the Carlos V European Award

Yuste (Spain), May 9th 2019

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Exhibition "Art and Light" in Val de Seine

from May 6th to 21th, Asnières sur Seine 

Exhibition "Dufy dessine le Sud"

23rd March - 14th July 2019

Raoul Dufy drew many landscapes & depictions of life in the South of France during his multiple stays in the region.

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Le Déjeuner des canotiers - Peint à la Maison Fournaise (1880)
Le Déjeuner des canotiers - Peint à la Maison Fournaise (1880)

Route Pierre-Auguste Renoir, European Cultural Itinerary - RENOIR Year 2019

The Renoir's Route is part of the "Impressionisms Routes ©" package certified in May 2018 as a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe. It aims to unite the sites related to the life and work of the Master and contribute to the development of sustainable tourism highlighting the values of the Council of Europe. 2019, the centenary of the Painter's death, will be the opportunity to organize several specific events


Route Renoir texte site internet nov 18.
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2019: Centenary of the death of Pierre-Auguste Renoir ...

The year Renoir 2019 will be one of the flagship events of the network; it will be promoted at European level by the influence of the Council of Europe.

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