Painter's Routes

The Eau et Lumière Association has submitted the application file "Impressionisms Routes" in September 2015 to the evaluation of the European Cultural Routes Institute (ECRI). The Institute managers deemed that some specific points of the file, the quality of which has been fully recognized, deserved to be "perfected". By mutual agreement between the Association and the ECRI, the year 2016 is devoted to this improvement work which involves in particular the development of a more functional website and the creation of a bilingual booklet (French-English) entitled: "The Impressionist movement in Europe". The strengthening of the links between the project and the academic community is also scheduled, as well as a better coordination between the different key regions of Impressionism in France (Paris region, Normandy).

The project "Impressionist Destination" is led by the Ile de France and Normandy regions, which are part of the preferred organizations to ensure this coordination.

« Impressionisms routes » gathers 12 European routes

7 dedicated to the French pre-Impressionists and Impressionists
(Boudin, Guillaumin, Monet, Morisot, Pissarro, Renoir and Sisley)



True promoter of Normandy, Eugène Boudin was a precursor of Impressionism. >>>




Armand Guillaumin was, maybe, the most Parisian of the Impressionists. He is the tutelary figure of the Crozant school and the Creuse Valley. >>>



Monet dominated the Impressionism movement and imposed its technique based on juxtaposition of light strokes. >>>



"Great lady" of Impressionism, choosing new harmony of colors on her easel, using light touches for painting, watercolor and pastel. >>>



He asserted the independence of his art and contributed to create, with his friend Claude Monet, the Impressionists group. >>> 



Pierre-Auguste Renoir is one of the most emblematic members of the Impressionist movement. >>>



Sisley chose tirelessly as the topic of his paintings the sky and the water animated by the changing reflects of the light of the outskirts of Paris. >>> 

and 5 routes devoted
Bunke (Germany), Toorop (the Netherlands), Grohar (Slovenia), Llorens Diaz (Spain), the Machiaioli (Italy).



The artists' colony of Schwaan has been created at the end of the 19th century in this charming village, situated in Pomerania. >>>


(The Netherlands)

Permeable to the different aesthetic trends that crossed Europe, Jan Toorop developed a neo-Impressionism style. >>>



Ivan Grohar is the most representative artists of the Slovenian Impressionists. >>>



He came to be remembered under the name of "The painter of seascapes" because he spent his time depicting landscapes along the seaside of Galicia. >>>



The Macchiaioli were an italian artists group whose purpose was "to give with colored spots the impressions they received from the reality". >>>

The 12 impressionists routes have been entrusted to 12 responsible local authorities:

Routes dedicated to the French pre-Impressionists and Impressionists:

Boudin Route: Calvados cultural service

Guillaumin Route: Crozant city (Jean Parlebas)

Monet Route: Argenteuil city (Françoise Inghelaere, Stéphanie Fèze)

Morisot Route: Bougival city (Catherine Burger, Laurence François)

Pissarro Route: Pontoise museums (Christophe Duvivier)

Renoir Route: Essoyes city (Dominique Gengembre)

Sisley Route: Moret-sur-Loing city and "Les Amis de Sisley" Association (Christian Recoing)

Routes devoted:

Bunke and Schwaan painters Route: Schwaan city and museum (Heiko Brunner)

Toorop Route: Ville de Katwijk, Domburg museum (the Netherlands) (Francisca van Vloten)

Grohar Route: Ljubljana national gallery (Barbara Jaki, Tanja Orel Sturm)

Llorens Diaz Route: Galicia Province (Spain) (Rosario Sarmiento)

The Macchiaioli Route: Rossignano Marittimo association of municipalities (Italy)